As with the director's previous films on work and place, observational techniques intercut with interviews will form the core of the project.What will be different about this film, though, is that the story will be told entirely by the residents of the community. Their town, their story. To this end, in addition to interview voice over, a local narrator will tell the story as a kind of scripted oral history, tying together the threads of image and commentary.

Footage of oil rigs and camps shot by mobile workers using their own devices will also add an insider perspective, as will footage taken from a small fishing boat, now a remnant of Newfoundland’s traditional subsistence living. Drone footage will add production value; commentary by a young Estonian anthropologist just completing a year of fieldwork in Bay de Verde could add cross-cultural insight. But the community itself, in which residents do everything they can to hang on at home, will be the soul and focus of the documentary.